The Top Questions You Should Ask Your SEO Manager

SEO manager

In recent years, statistics have shown an increase in the growth of the internet alongside search engine optimisation (SEO). Currently, there are various competent online marketing service providers offering clients SEO services needed to run a successful online business. The competition in this popular field is tough and, as such, you can find a spectrum of services provided by various businesses. Ranging from individual SEO consultants to the larger more well-known marketing firms, all professionals are attempting to gain your business; therefore, it will not be easy to find a good service for your site if you are not familiar with SEO and the market.

Of course, the task of finding an SEO firm can be less tedious if you know which essential questions should be presented to an SEO manager. Some research can make the task simple and you will appear more informed when speaking with the service provider. This article provides information on the top questions you should ask an SEO managing technician.

1. What Is Your Industry Experience?

Experience is essential when dealing with an SEO service and this needs to be determined from the beginning. One thing you must keep in mind, however, is that it is not only the company’s experience that matters but the individual manager as well. Understanding the experience of the individual manager is as important as the company’s experience because he or she will be handling your business projects. Furthermore, the competence of the SEO manager will indicate the competence of the agency he is representing. If the person is able to answer questions about SEO techniques and offer solutions to examples of SEO problems, then he could be the next manager of your website.

2. Where Can I Receive Details On Keyword Research?

Keyword research is not merely a service, but it is also a necessity for website ranking playing a decisive role in SEO campaigns. To ensure you find a manager who has knowledge in this area, it is important that you ask questions on how the service operates. Ask about the benefit of keywords, how keyword research can be used on your website, and where one can find details on this type of research.

3. Do You Have Case Study Examples?

Examples are always a good way to explain a concept, so it is recommended that you ask your potential manager to provide case studies similar to your situation. If the SEO professional can provide you with case studies involving all required information, then it will be a strong indication of their capabilities and the experience of the company.